Climate Adaptation Process & Tools

Climate Adaptation Process & Tools

Process to Managing Adaptation

Having identified the criticality of highway assets to our communities, it is key that vulnerabilities of highway assets and opportunities arising due to climate change, are managed properly.

1. Define your Objectives and Decision-Making Criteria

Adaptation and mitigation against incremental and dangerous climate changes both need to be considered.

2. Understand the Climate Change Trends that affect Highways Assets

Appreciate how climate change will affect asset management, what the current state is against which change will be measured and the model and scenarios used to predict potential climatic changes and their impacts.

3. Identify Vulnerabilities to assets and opportunities

Vulnerability is the degree to which a system is susceptible to, and unable to cope with, adverse effects of climate change. It is mainly a function of locality and depends upon local physical features (topography, rivers, settlements), averages and extremes of weather and climate, socio-economic characteristics and the ability of the local community to respond in both the short and long-term.
4. Risk Appraisal and Analysis for Options

Assessing impacts of different weather and climate events and the consequences of hazardous threats that need to be defended against or beneficial opportunities that can be exploited.

5. Develop an Adaptation Action Plan and Programme by defining the steps required

Programmes to deliver adaptation actions that will build adaptive capacity and reduce vulnerability. Impacts on natural resources, biodiversity and whole ecosystems need to be managed to improve or enhance their resilience and where possible rely on more low-carbon, energy and resource efficient technologies.

6. Adaptation Programme Review and report Efficiency of Measure Implemented

Adapting to climate change is an ongoing process, which demands that plans are constantly reviewed and monitored in light of the performance of programmes and changing circumstances.  Risks and opportunities need to be reassessed at appropriate intervals for continuous review of any adaptation plan.