People & Careers

People & Careers

HTMA is conscious of the need to ensure sustainability of the industry by managing the future requirements of skills and competencies.  With encouragement from Government to gear up on resources to ensure delivery of the promised pipeline of work, the People & Careers Working Group will continue to focus on the promotion and development of skills and competencies in the industry.

They aim to showcase the breadth of career opportunities and attract new talent to the industry. The group collaborates with relevant organisations to drive continual improvement in skills development and training provision.

Video Competition

Many young people do not have access to useful careers information or support, or someone they can look to as a role model.

The People & Careers working group set up a competition to invite the members to share their experiences of choosing a successful career in highways to which young people can relate and see real value in what the industry has to offer.

Participants were invited to create a two-minute video and to be as creative or basic as they liked in producing the video.

It is intended that they offer helpful advice to people who are considering what they job they want to do and build awareness of the variety of careers that are possible within highways.    

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