Key Roles

There are several key positions within HTMA and opportunities for individuals within the Member Companies to play an active role in the association.



The Committee is made up of senior representatives from each member organisation.  It ratifies the strategy and receives reports from the executive and each of the Working Groups.  The Committee will ensure that the HTMA adheres to its aims and objectives and shall make informed decisions regarding the direction of the association.
Each Full and JV Member has a representative on the HTMA Committee.  This should be the senior highways business person from the organisation.

Executive Board

The Executive Board provides effective management of the HTMA whilst monitoring the activities of the association against its strategy.  Its role is to manage the business of HTMA, ensure delivery of the strategy and report progress to the Committee.
The Chair of HTMA is also the Chair of the Executive Board and is elected by the Members of the Committee to serve a two-year term, after which they will become an ex officio member of the Executive Board for a period of one year.
The Vice Chair is elected by the Members of the Committee for a two-year term and automatically succeeds the Chair.
A third Executive Board Member is elected by the Members of the Committee to serve for a period of one year, but may stand for re-election subject to a maximum term of three years.

Sponsor Group

The Sponsor Group is made up from members of the Committee who are also individual Working Group sponsors.  Its role is to oversee the activities of the Working Groups, ensuring that they are adequately resourced and that their objectives are aligned to the HTMA’s strategic objectives.  The Sponsor Group is also responsible for the strategic objective, Represent the Sector’s Interests.  Sponsors serve for a three year term before re-nomination.

Working Groups

There are seven Working Groups directly related to one of the strategic or essential objectives.  Each Working Group has a Chair, who is appointed for a three year term.
The membership of the Working Groups is drawn from representatives from the member organisations.  The groups’ role is to deliver the strategic/essential objectives in line with the overall strategy.  Their remit includes sharing knowledge and best practice, including developing best practice and guidance documents.

Task & Finish Groups

These groups are set up to deliver a specific Working Group initiative or other project identified by the Sponsor Group to deliver a specific task.  The teams are drawn from individuals within HTMA member companies to provide a blend of knowledge and experience suitable for the given task.  The Task & Finish groups report either through a Working Group to the Sponsor Group or directly to the Sponsor Group.